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How to Buy Page Pre-Qualifying Modal

Buying windows and doors can be really complex - that's something we hear from customers all the time, and we are always trying to figure out ways to help users along. One of the areas I was able to help with streamlining was the purchasing process, where I built out a "how to buy" wizard to help assist users in deciding on a purchasing path based on their project details and knowledge levels. 

This project started with mind-mapping and creating flowcharts with various product, marketing, and sales stakeholders to better understand the various purchasing options and why we would want to drive certain users to each of those paths. The final flowchart is seen below:

Flowchart - final - windows.png

After creating this flowchart, I worked with a copywriter to build out the final flow and design the modal which lives on the "How to Buy" page on Pella's website for customers in beta e-commerce markets:

How to Buy Page (future)


Result (example)

RESULT - homeowner - FIND A CONTRACTOR.png

Modal Question (example)

LEVEL C - Homeowner - know what project needs - size q.png

Modal Question (example)

LEVEL D - Homeowner - project scope.png

Result (example)


Results & Metrics


(based on ~5 weeks of live data as of 9/14/2021)

This particular project was able to go live on the site in our beta e-commerce markets in August of 2021. The following metrics were observed over the course of approximately 5 weeks, and they showed significant improvements to site visit, engagement, and conversion rates. 

Previous 'How to Buy' Page:

Page clicks:

- 30% to anchor links at top of page

- 50% to schedule a consultation or find a showroom in middle of page

Only these two purchasing options were accessibly shown on the 'How to Buy' page.

New 'How to Buy' Page:

Page clicks:

- 30% to new module (links to all purchasing options, link into questionnaire)

- 20% to schedule a consultation or find a showroom in middle of page

- 50% to new tabs including all options - 75% of these clicks went to 'Buy Online'

Conversion & Click Rate Changes:

Users are receptive to the new options offered: a substantial number of clicks (30%) is going to the test area and clicks are spread out among the purchase options.

The majority of users utilizing the questionnaire have been offered the shop online option.

Traffic to the 'Shop' page from this 'How to Buy' page has increased 52%.

Traffic that has touched both 'How to Buy' and 'Shop' pages has grown 52%.

Those that touched this page created 30% more e-commerce accounts and added to project 132% more.

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