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UX Design, Industrial Design, Product Design.

This is what I do. Check it out!

Pella Corporation UX Design
Designed four website features, improved e-commerce transaction rate, and created user experiences to improve the window, door, and parts shopping experiences digitally.

UX Design Internship | 8 months
Andersen Windows Accessible Handle
An operating handle addition to single-hung and double-hung windows to assist window users with accessibility barriers.

Sponsored Capstone Project | 12 weeks
Hero Image v1.1.1.jpg
branding layout render final redo with c
Owlet SleepSmart
A smart device + app pairing that helps parents and children work together to develop healthy bedtime routines and tech/gadget habits.

Studio 3 Project | 6 weeks
Scotch-Brite Squeezy Clean
An innovative toilet cleaning system with replaceable pre-filled cleaner cartridges inside the handle of the brush to streamline the cleaning process and eliminate hassle.

Group Studio Project | 12 weeks
product lineup render.66 (1).jpg
app forever.JPG
Imperfect Foods App
A grocery delivery app for the brand Imperfect Foods, which delivers imperfect and surplus produce and other grocery items at discounted prices on a subscription model.

UX Design Group Project | 3 weeks
Giro Alpine Ski Helmet
A sleek, fun, and trendy alpine ski racing helmet. A quick sketching project that turned into a surface modeling exploration project.

Sketching + Modeling | 2 weeks
RYOBI Orbital Sander
An orbital sander with redesigned ergonomics for improved handling and more grip options which allows for better control and less hand cramping and numbing.

Studio 2 Project | 6 weeks
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