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Scotch-Brite Squeezy Clean

an innovative toilet cleaning system - integrated cleaner cartridges inside toilet brush handle to ease and streamline the cleaning process

Squeezy Clean was a group project sponsored by 3M for their Scotch-Brite brand. This was the fourth studio in the product design major studio sequence, completed in Spring 2020.

What is the problem?

Cleaning the toilet is American's most hated household chore. Current toilet brush options are inconvenient or wasteful, tend to grow bacteria, and do not ease users' process of toilet cleaning. 


I would love an all-in-one solution so I don't have to handle multiple products and tools while cleaning



I hate tilting the current toilet cleaner bottles and having to get my hands so close to the toilet.


Meet Taylor and Lisa.



A young cleaner developing his cleaning habits and routine with an eye towards design and specialized tools.

cleaning attitude


tips, routines I've learned through social media, news articles, videos have a major influence of my cleaning habits/routines.


I am very active in using tech forward apps and services.


I'm always on the lookout for a new cleaning tool.



A heavy cleaner who uses technology as a means to save time and manage her busy life.

cleaning attitude


cleaning my home takes too much time.


I love new technologies and am among the first to experiment with and use them.


Hiring a cleaner for me is part of my routine.

Ideation, Research, and Insights

IMG_1040 (1).JPG
IMG_1041 (1).JPG

After significant brainstorming sessions, group ideation, sketching, ranking, user and market research, we were able to highlight parts of the user experience that were important to consider.

The data and insights below were taken from research, interviews, and surveys from a variety of demographic markers, with a total of more than 300 responses. The opinions and quotes from interviewees are common and relatively universal.

images from brainstorming sessions and initial ideation sketches


of people actively seek out new technologies to save them time.

top priorities when purchasing bathroom cleaning tools include:






ease of use

Onyx - Final Presentation (2).png
Onyx - Final Presentation (4).png

how often do you clean your toilet?

how often do you replace your toilet brush?

Onyx - Final Presentation (5).png

we found that consumers tend to not clean their toilets enough, not replace their toilet brushes enough, and are looking for new solutions to help make toilet cleaning quicker, easier, and less gross. 

Therefore, we came up with three key features to focus on.

Key Features


toilet cleaner more accessible and less messy


quick, hands free brush head replacement


combining steps to simplify and streamline

Concept Generation and Refinement

IMG_1202 (1).JPG
IMG_1201 (1).JPG
IMG_1200 (1).JPG

Prototyping and Testing

IMG_20200408_163540 (1).jpg

Final design and Packaging

Scotch-Brite Squeezy Clean is an innovative toilet cleaning system. A toilet brush with integrated cleaner cartridges inside the handle helps to ease and streamline the cleaning process, while an ejectable brush head keeps users' hands away from the mess and germs. Prefilled, replaceable cleaner cartridges eliminate the hassle of multiple tools and pouring from various bottles of cleaner.

product lineup render.66 (1).jpg

Features to Note

- all parts easily disassemble for cleaning or

- strategically placed 'squeeze spots' reduce the

  possibility of accidental release of cleaner, and

  ensure solid support and strength throughout

  the handle

- ejectable brush head for easy, mess-free


- pre-filled, easily replaceable cleaner cartridges

  eliminate hassle of various bottles and tools

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